Let us teach you how to use social media and our app Porfolio

As a small business you probably won't have time to sit down for long hours to learn how to use all social networks, create a posting strategy for them and even less time to learn how to use our own app Porfolio.

We just need 2 hours of your time to teach you all you need to know to get your business started in social media.

With Porfolio Intensive training you will learn all you need to know to get started with social media and it will only take two hours of your time. If you are not sure our intensive training is for you can schedule a FREE 20 minute call with us to show you our app Porfolio in action and answer any questions you have. 

20 minutes call

  • Hangout call to give you an overview of Porfolio

Porfolio Intensive Training

  • 2 hours hangout call
  • Porfolio setup service. We setup Porfolio for you and advise you on recommended schedules
  • FREE 6 steps guide to create a content marketing plan
  • FREE 3 steps guide to conceptualize buyer persona and create keyword worksheet
  • FREE guide on how to draft a posting strategy for Facebook and Twitter
  • One month FREE subscription of Porfolio (save $10)

Hourly Coaching Calls

$50 /hour
  • Personalized webinar session to help individuals or groups learn how to use social media, blogs and among others. We will help you develop strategic skills to power up your social marketing plans.
  • Social networks individual trainings (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube)