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After identifying the "buyer persona" for your business and brainstorming keywords, the next step is to identify those topics that are easier for you to create content. With this list of topics, you can share your knowledge and your passions more easily with potential clients.

Identify the type of content that you can effortlessly produce

The important thing here is to think about the material that you can create efficiently and systematically to feed your social networks and blog. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Photos
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Slide presentations
  • Information citations
  • Videos
Identify the type of content that you can effortlessly produce

Determine who will produce the content

Now that you have identified the content that you are going to create, it is vital that you determine:

  • Who exactly is going to provide that content?
  • When will they produce it?
  • Where will this content be published on social networks?

Creating a blog post

If your website does not have a blog, you must configure one immediately. Contact your web developer to add a blog, or you can schedule a FREE consultation with us in Porfolio to develop a cool blog for you. Now that you have the blog set up, follow these steps to fill it with content:

  1. Identify the relevant keywords for the articles
  2. Summarize the content and write a draft
  3. Identify provocative images
  4. Write an attractive headline that contains a keyword
  5. Finish the content and publish.
  6. Share the publication of the blog on social networks.

Be sure to try different types of publications so you can measure which was more effective.

Share curated content

It is essential to maintain relevance and work efficiently to take full advantage of social networks. Sharing your content and the content of other people is the way to go. You need a lot of content to feed your social networks and sharing other people's content will save you time and allow you to create more of your content without leaving behind your social media channels. Follow these simple steps to cure content:

  1. Investigate and identify useful content in your industry
  2. Summarize content in a short paragraph
  3. Share on social networks.

Encourage user-generated content

Encourage user-generated content

Promote the content generated by your employees, customers, and followers. Users love to share and see their content. Here are several ideas to encourage users to make content for you:

  • Request interaction in publications and photos
  • Have contests
  • Conduct surveys
  • Create a unique hashtag just for your customers.
  • Content through commission is to offer free samples in exchange for your followers writing a blog. Ensure that users identify themselves that they have received free material in exchange for writing their opinion on the blog.

The creation and promotion of content is a big task for the success of social media marketing. The tough work will be to create content that your followers will like so that they come back for more. Over time they will become loyal customers of your business because they know that you pay attention to them and keep them relevant to the topics that they like.

Read blog in: esEspañol (Spanish)


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