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In Porfolio we manage the social networks for several clients so we decided to test out a new scheduling test using the "Send in Bulk" feature with two of our clients Facebook pages. We used the following schedule:

14 days * 1 message per day between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Why only one message per day?

With Send in Bulk you can schedule up to 12 messages per day, but for this particular scenario we wanted to test how one message will perform, with aim of not overwhelming fans of the pages with excessive messages per day.


Why such a long range of times?

Send in Bulk automatically assigns times to each compose message box based on the range selected. For this test we wanted to use a really long range of times so we can later measure which times performed best. With that data we will be able to narrow the time range for future scheduling and see if the performance of post remains the same, improves or get worse.



In the first 7 days (Jan 17, 2018 - Jan 23, 2018) after we initiated the schedule with Porfolio we saw an increase of more than 3,000% on people reached in the first Facebook page and an astonishing 17,100% increase for the other page.


Did that increase in people reached worked?

We are seeing an increase of about 20% in page sessions in Google Analytics for both websites we manage for our clients, which is decent for only 7 days. However the most important result is that we are receiving messages in the Facebook page inbox and we at Porfolio reply to the messages on behalf of our clients and schedule appointments with potential leads.

Based on those result we are calling this schedule a success. The next step will be to analyse the data and try different schedules with the post that performed the best.

Read blog in: esEspañol (Spanish)


Luis is Porfolio co-founder. He is a video producer, web developer, and social media specialist. He greatly enjoys hiking, kayaking, watching anime and video games.

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