After the "Food for Feedback" event this last August 24, 2019, we gather enough feedback to decide what we need to change in Porfolio UI to make it easier for our users. Below is a list of things we will be modifying. Our goal is to have most of it by mid-October.


    • Move social networks from the menu to profile.
    • Create default folders for Facebook and Twitter. Filter connected social networks and put them in their specific folder.
    • In the social network selection, remove the option to select all social networks in a group. Only select one at a time. Put social network by categories on the top.
    • Move social network selection windows to the top.


    • Combine Send Now, Time Sensitive and Send in Bulk in one. Remove changing scheduling options alert.
    • Schedule message boxes should take half the screen. Remove the middle window. Put it in the header.
    • Add a “Schedule for later” button instead of separate day and time selection. Combine them in one window to select both day and time.
    • Send/Schedule button on the bottom of messages (floating footer)
    • Remove the character counter icons. Make it just like Twitter circle counter.
    • In time-sensitive add button to “Add new message box”
    • Change “Bulk” to “Auto-Schedule"

  • HOME

    • Add a “Mini publisher” in the home screen to show list of messages that are already scheduled.
    • Add the option to edit or delete the message.
    • Remove favorites social networks and favorite snippets
    • Add welcome video and tutorials


    • Have better color combinations. More white.
    • Change “Snippets” to “Drafts" 


Luis is Porfolio co-founder. He is a video producer, web developer, and social media specialist. He greatly enjoys hiking, kayaking, watching anime and video games.

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