The quick and effective solution for small and medium businesses to schedule their messages to Facebook and Twitter from a single platform


Porfolio is a web application that allows you to manage and schedule messages to Facebook and Twitter. It also has a bilingual support team (English / Spanish) that helps small and medium businesses to manage their social networks and websites.


Porfolio is a web application designed to help small and medium businesses save time by scheduling messages to Facebook and Twitter so they can promote their products and services more efficiently and continuously for long periods of time.

Porfolio allows you to schedule messages up to 31 days in advance in just several minutes

Porfolio allows users to organize their content in folders, each with its own name.

However, what stands out most Porfolio is our fully bilingual support team that provides our clients with supporting documentation through blogs, videos, educational courses and personalized customer service, committed to providing additional help to the clients. Business owners to succeed in social networks.

Detailed description app

Porfolio is a web application designed to program large-scale messages on social networks with easy-to-use options to send personalized images and messages.

Users have three options to send messages with our message composer:

Send in Bulk - allows users to schedule messages up to 31 days and 12 messages per day. Hours are automatically assigned for each message using a time range selected by the user.

Time Sensitive - allows users to schedule up to 24 messages in specific days and times for each individual message.

Send Now - allows users to send a message immediately to the selected social network.

Porfolio organizes its schedule content in groups, each with its own personalized messages and with options to edit group name, description and each message individually. Users can scehdule messages with Portfolio by simply dragging the message they want to the message composer.

The web application also includes a very powerful function called "Auto Populate" that randomly selects messages from one or more groups and automatically attaches a single message to each message box. This allows users to schedule weeks of messages in a matter of seconds by simply clicking a button.

After users program messages, they can review them in the editor, a section of the application where the scheduled messages are organized.


Porfolio has a cost of $10/month. It is compatible with Internet browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox).


Contact Information

Luis Oscar Maymí
Tel: 787-349-4431
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About company

Porfolio was developed by Xeneuxe Corp, a small company in Puerto Rico (incorporated in 2011) that provides Internet marketing services, including personal training with clients to help them manage their social networks, video production services, web development and application development.