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First of all, I want to show you what are the advantages of scheduling content on social networks:

Save time and improve customer service

By working in advance, we save time searching every day what kind of content to publish that pleases our audience, as well as offering excellent support and attention that our audience needs.

Productivity and Presence

By planning our content based on a good schedule it allows us to have an active presence in our networks thanks to daily publications and gives us more time to interact with our followers and to have a better social listening about our brand, company, and product.


With the time saved, we can dedicate ourselves to optimize future content, create new marketing strategies and attractive graphics.


With a good calendar and schedule of content -weekly or monthly- we can have a better vision of what is attracting the audience and be able to study patterns of behavior based on tastes and ages adapted for each social network where you have a presence.

Control and Improvisation

If for some reason, in particular, a "Promotion" arises that needs to be published immediately, we have space and time to run the publications, as well as being able to improvise if it were something new that our client wants his audience to be the first to find out.

These are some of the main advantages we have when scheduling content for our social networks. We know that we cannot leave anything at random and we must have a good work schedule, publications, and monitoring to provide our followers with the attention they expect about our product and service. Then assisted by a well-executed schedule and aligned with our action plan, we plan the content of the month, be it promotions or offers. Remember, each marketing plan brings specific objectives that must be met based on goals.

Configuring your time and content

Keep in mind that when using a content manager you must configure the platform according to your time use so that your content does not have a mismatch at the time of being published. If within your calendar you plan to post content on weekends, you must make well-defined in your social networks what your hours of attention are or otherwise all the time you have saved to have free time will be occupied with extra work doing focusing on the public.

Scheduling Messages-1
Scheduling Messages-2

It is not an autopilot

Also remember, scheduling content does not mean you can leave everything on autopilot. As I explained above, scheduling content for our social networks offers us the flexibility of time for listening and studying how to improve our marketing plan by providing the consumer with the best experience we can offer.

Falling in love with your audience

I hope it will be helpful and do not think further, start creating your content plan to make your audience fall in love not only with your publications, but also to enchant your audience with the excellent service you are going to offer them.

Read blog in: esEspañol (Spanish)


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