Social Media Content Strategy with Snippets

If you are looking for an organized content strategy, Porfolio's Snippets will help you. Organize your content for social networks in folders and send/schedule messages to your social networks as many times as necessary.

What are snippets?

Snippets are basically folders where you place the messages that you are going to use. Within that folder you can place photos or links to any web page. After creating the snippets you can use them as many times as you need to send or schedule them to your social networks.

Why is it important to organize the snippets in folders?

Is important to organize Snippets in different folders, each one with a specific title and description so that you can later find that content more easily in the future.

What kind of content should I add in the Snippets?

We recommend that you create several different snippets with links to web pages and photos that are related to the name of the folder. For example, if your folder is titled "Frequently Asked Questions" then you can create a Snippet with a link to the FAQ section of your website. We also recommend that you create different types of graphic designs and links so you can check which one of them brings you the best results.